Thursday, April 23, 2009

First...hopefully not last?

I finally got a blog! Woo, haha. I have no clue what to do....I just want to write some of my thoughts down. And I can track what my mom is saying about me. AHA!

I'ma teenager and I attend a high school in a small town in North Dakota. It's okay, I'm just beyond ecstatic for summer. School is too stressful and boring for me. Okay, a little about me.....I am a swimmer and I LOVE IT. I enjoy...swimming, eating, sleeping, Gatorade, music, ipod touch, friends, family, my boy, my cat :), smiles, laughs, dreams, memories, candy, video games, RAIN, Minnesota, traveling, lazy days, dressing up, dressing down, flip flops, lotion, lip gloss, shopping, books, writing, words, quotes, inspirations, Ryan Lochte, movies, Heath Ledger, just bumming around.
I love life, all of it.